Design My Investment

When black women connect there is an energy that is distributed into the world that cannot be duplicated. It is hard to describe in words, but you know it when you encounter it. It is spiritual, it is translucent, it is comforting, it is healing, and it is magical. “We are descendants of the fittest and we have been reincarnated just so we can handle business.” Divine purpose is the reason we are here, and it was written in cursive for these queens to exist. Through the divine connection of the dynamic duo, Christina Moore-Johnson and Phylea Carter, Design your Investment was established. Where there is a problem, there is opportunity. Christina at the time was an Airbnb host. As she started to research other houses in the area, she recognized that other hosts were more than likely not getting bookings based on the way they looked. “If you want to go fast go alone, however, if you want to go far collaborate.” She reached out to Phylea with a business proposition for designing corporate rentals.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Design your Investment is a luxury design firm that provides light, love and bad ass décor! Together Christina and Phylea’s love for design speaks throughout their work. Both queens share a love for HGTV. Together they have over twenty years of experience in the field of design. They have been blessed to serve a wide range of clients that allows them to freely create. Design your Investment, prospers due to them being able to marry their individual taste. Each space that is designed by Christina and Phylea is different. Chris and Lea have two distinct styles and personalities but somehow it flows together. Christina is the workhorse and Phylea is work-life balance. Phylea’s love for designing was beginning to be tested when she realized that flexing was becoming the standard. She knew there was a place in the world for intentional design and it did not have to be superficial.

God sent Phylea a vision. She started on the journey to change the standard in which women who suffer from domestic violence are housed by creating a safe and beautiful space for them through design. She wanted to shift and make a difference with her gift. One thing to understand is that domestic violence does not discriminate, and it affects women of various backgrounds. She wanted to change the standard of what the domestic violence shelters looked like to make the women more comfortable. Phylea has never experienced domestic violence in her own life however, it was a cause that she was drawn to. She designed a 10,000 square foot warehouse by using colors to evoke emotion and help the women mentally get back to their dependency. Christina who has been a victim of domestic violence was extremely touched by Phylea’s dedication to the cause.

Design your Investment provides a service beyond beautiful décor. They are working towards something to help make the world better. At one point in their careers, they felt as if their gifts were not making a big enough difference. These ladies now approach their clients with deeper conversations to really get to the bottom of why they are being hired. These conversations fuel their creativity and making sure they do their jobs to make their clients happy. Chris and Phylea make a point to connect with each client to give that additional touch to the space. Phylea and Chris are healing people through their spaces. Design your Investment is more that just an design firm. An investment is defined as dedication of an asset to attain an increase in value over a period. Investment requires a sacrifice of some present asset, such as time, money, or effort. Therefore, think of investment as healing, as service, and making sure God is getting all the glory. Christina and Phylea are using Design your Investment to literally change lives. They are better together. If you are interested in utilizing their services email them at [email protected] or their Instagram page @designmyinvestment.   

Devona Keel