Tone-X: The Master of Comedy Takes the Spotlight on Insight Talk’s Hilarious Interview.

Insight Magazine took the wheel in steering the most humor-filled interview of Tone-X. He is not only a funny man, collecting years in the comedic industry, but he is also the host of Grown Man Radio on Raw704. The comedian is a successful voice over artist, an accomplished actor, and author on Showtime for MoNique and Friends. However, Tone prides himself over his careful investments and the simple pleasures life has to offer such as docuseries’ and reading. The interview covered everything from his upcoming dating show and his established venture, Grown Man Radio.

He stated that Grown Man Radio is for older and younger people who embrace the “grown” mentality which includes maturity and evolved opinions. Tone explained that he and his wife will be hosting a game night – throwing a silly joke on the twist some may put on the “adult” portion.

In between laughs, he stated that for all celebrity sightings of the dating game he is putting together, one will have to attend the live tapings. He names the show as being a mix between Nick Cannon’s fun-loving spirit, Steve Harvey realness, and Kirk Franklin’s charm. The live taping is scheduled to be at an upcoming location in Charlotte.

He states that at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina come Saturday, he will be the keynote speaker of a conference and gala! After making a quip about getting a “snatch back” or face lift in Colombia, he talked about how grateful he was for the followers and fans he has accumulated over the years. His son took after his father when he pointed out his small follower count compared to Kevin Hart – another giggle for the books. Tone is thrilled to continue his career bringing laughs to every platform for as long as he can!

Be sure to follow @tonexcomedy and show your support for his upcoming events: Grown Man Radio on Saturdays, Symphony in the Park on Sept 3rd, Real Grown Conversations on Sept 14th, Keynote speaker at the Inspired lifedale Conference on Sept 16th, and After I Do Game Show TV live taping on Oct 21st. Exciting times ahead! 

Kamaya Tarpley