Ceelo Green Talks New Music Journey and Music

Helen Keller once proclaimed that character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through the experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Some people will convince you that life isn’t perfect. Truth be told, life is perfect. There is no man or woman deserving of anything that happens to them, be it good or bad. Life is about accepting everything that comes your way. Despite any imperfections of the day, perfection still reigns supreme. I once dreamt of swimming pools too deep for me. Fully surrounded by water, but I am too cautious to jump in. Ironically, debate is held about the fact that I can swim. I looked around and the water became more beautiful at each depth. Still, the only thought that crossed my mind was “Had all the guardian angels left?” If I dive into this water and in the event, I lose my breath, who would be there to save me? If somehow, this pool would become the ocean, would it then sweep me out to sea? Nevertheless, it was still all a dream. A dream is exactly what it felt like as I sat across from the legendary, CeeLo Green. Legendary still feels too small of a word to describe him. How can I be tasked with the role of having to define a man who cannot be defined through words? Could I do him the justice that here quires? I will simply define him as an experience. I, Devona Keel, had the pleasure of experiencing CeeLo Green, after the Erykah Badu and friends’ concert in Atlanta, Georgia. CeeLo is a singer, rapper, record producer, businessman, and an unapologetic fashion icon who is not afraid to test the limits. Despite all of these attributes, he was extremely humble and a true gentleman. One thing is for certain, the CeeLo Green experience is one that I will never forget. I start this article off with the truth. Who is CeeLo Green? An unearthly creature, yet obtainable, who lives in real time and is shockingly tangible. History in the making, his music crosses all genders, ethnicities, and ages. CeeLo’s creative process requires him to give poetic justice to things that could be said in plain English. He thrives on “Putting paint where it ain’t”. In other words, what has been done? What has not been done? How can he make it better? What should be echoed? What could use some improvement? Once these questions have been answered, he places himself in position. Art is always in the acknowledgment. In corporate America, we would refer to this process as root cause analysis. It is a task that causes you to ask a series of questions and then find a solution. On the other end of that creative process, we are privileged to experience the genius of CeeLo. CeeLo dropped numerous poetic gems we all could apply to our everyday lives. On an equal playing field, we are all up against the same enemy. Our greatest adversary is ignorance. Ignorance is our kryptonite. Ignorance can’t identify with itself, but it can argue in its own defense. The dilemma we face is deciding to partake in ignorance or ignore it. To know better is to do better. In the words of CeeLo, my take on that is “Being out of touch doesn’t mean you don’t know enough, maybe you just know too much”. All knowledge is power and true power empowers those who embrace it. Never be afraid to delegate that power, especially when it comes to educating our youth. Trial and error will always be your best teacher. We must suggest and lead by example. Consistency exists, but confidence makes the outfit. “To say is secondary, to do is my first natural instinct”. CeeLo’s love for fashion is all in the presentation. A fashion statements speaks through creative visuals. When he coordinates, it tells you everything you need to know. You can recognize he is considerate, thoughtful, and he pays attention to detail by the way he arranges his wardrobe. The sight of something speaks volumes. For example, the color red; it is bold, striking, and it screams I have something to say. Fashion is art and it commands attention. Look at yourself as your own fingerprint. Embrace all colors. CeeLo’s favorite color is clear. When he expressed that to me, I was puzzled, but intrigued. I gazed upon him as I waited for his explanation. Clear applied to communication, entry or acceptance, and the notion of transparency that equals significant clarity. Clear represents understanding in all things. There is always a war against the individual because individuals encourage individuality. Continue to do and be what you want to be and think freely. CeeLo never disconnects. As he stated to me, he is hard-wired like a refrigerator. Simply put, he is always on and ready to feed himself or others when necessary. He has the natural superpower of adaptation. He is always looking forward to working with people who want to feed back into him. Burnout does not exist in his world, instead he burns internally. He is never afraid to place himself into the fire. Fire doesn’t just destroy, it purifies, it shapes, and it molds. Lend yourself to people and in return they will lend themselves to you. Control is a façade and coping mechanism. We are never really in control, but we are developed through our character. Work hard and put in the work necessary for the reward to follow. There are a million ways to say I love you. Awakened from the daze of trying to find the words, when all you must do is press play. Rivers run deep and ocean waves collide in the sand. So even when separated by unforeseen beasts, the water meets again at the edge of the beach. CeeLo is a wave in the balance. Music is the ultimate time machine, and we can count on his music to stand the test of time. Through the eyes of his spirit, CeeLo operates on the highest frequency of enlightenment. I experienced history. I experienced greatness. I experienced genuineness. I experienced knowledge. I experienced CeeLo Green. Written by : Devona Kee

Devona Keel