Introducing Geoff Duran Luxury Menswear Made to Fit

By Lesley Logan

Geoff Duran is the height of men’s elegance in the Los Angeles area. The custom company is strictly appointment only, making the garments and service even more exclusive. Expert personalization is a rare commodity in this day in age. Many are frantic to get items that come a dime a dozen, but these are true to only the buyers. The menswear brand always keeps their clients looking fresh, fashionable, and style-conscious.

The designer and owner of the Geoff Duran Menswear brand is none other than Geoff Duran himself. Leaving the grassy landscape of Arkansas behind, Geoff made his way to the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles. He earned degrees in Advertising & PR and Fine Arts, using his talents to freelance as a top graphic designer. Duran made his way into fashion as he took on positions in luxury retail and began creating custom designs. Over time, he accumulated over 20 years of experience in luxury menswear and sportswear.

“I design with creative restraint in pursuit of refinement, balancing purely aesthetic and functional features for the expressiveness and the attractiveness of the garment as a whole; keeping in mind wearability.” – Geoff Duran

He began making his name known at the start of the millennium. In 2000, Duran became the designer and co-owner of “AMAGEE”, a men’s sportswear brand. In just 5 short years, he manufactured the Geoff Duran Custom Clothing company that catered to men in business, sports, and other areas of entertainment. Come 2012, he commissioned his biggest deal when he designed a series of personalized clothing for legendary singer, Kenny Lattimore. Just a short time later, Duran designed Derek Fisher’s sideline wardrobe which landed him as GQ Magazine’s “Best Dressed NBA Coach of 2014”. The brand has caught the attention of several other celebrities Robert Ri’chard, Alex Kinsey, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Donovan W. Carter and Dame Dash.

2018 was an exponential year for Duran, as he released the M5K All-White Series. The collection went to gain features in magazines and has been worn on red carpets. Geoff is not just a stylist to the stars, but he makes his brand accessible to the average patron as well. He feels that all men deserve to feel luxury draped across their shoulders. The authority on mixing urban fashions with elegance is still well on his way to becoming the worldwide #1 brand in men’s fashions. To learn more at and via social media @geoffduran

Curtis Lawrence