Meet Velencia Jones, founder of Champagne N Vee

Look no further for an intimate experience than a champagne-coated conversation with Velencia Jones. The business owner created a company “Champagne N Vee ” that is an umbrella for her other projects. She is the voice behind the “Champagne & Conversations’ ‘ where she holds gripping conversations with our favorite celebs all the while they share a bottle of bubbly champagne. Jones views elegance and appreciation of the arts as an enhancement to this thing called life. Her delightful approach combined with her motivational drive has made the entrepreneur a stand out in the game.

Jones is originally an east coast baby, coming loud and proud from her home of Virginia. She fell in love with hip-hop in the 80’s when the music and clothing were movements on their own. Velencia is more than thrilled to mention that her home was the site of many iconic moments in music, film, and sports. From these inspirations, she molded herself into a lover of artistic expression through music, design, sculpture, and culture. She was bound for greatness with a mind that remained open to all experiences.

The podcast host lists her main role models as duo Salt-N-Pepa, soulful singer Mary J. Blige, and New York rapper, Jay-Z. She recognizes the change in how media is consumed, as the world has been heading into a digital landscape. Jones says it is important to embrace the change in order to keep all connections with the next generation strong. On her video podcast, “Champagne & Conversations”, she has played host to many entertainers including Arrested Development, International Nova, Ruff Endz, and more! Finding a favorite has been challenging to Jones, as she feels all her guests have been spectacular.

Ultimately, Velencia would like to create a brand that radiates positivity and inspires others. To achieve success, she believes the nurturing of the mind and proper mental health will help all entrepreneurs. Success in the industry to Jones is only measured by the progress of one’s goals. No matter how far you are, as long as you are on track, you are a success. Next year, she is eager to produce additional conversations and elevate her “Champagne N Vee” brand with possibly a book. Tune in to her interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm EST on Youtube and Instagram @champagnenvee

Kamaya Tarpley