Velencia Jones: The Driving Force Behind GLO Bubbly’s Success

Velencia Jones: The Driving Force Behind GLO Bubbly’s Success

In the world of exquisite beverages, GLO Bubbly emerges as a beacon of luxurious taste, curated by none other than the visionary CEO and Boss, Velencia Jones. In a recent interview, Jones delved into the origins of GLO Bubbly, its remarkable journey, challenges faced, and the thrilling plans for its future.

The Spark of Innovation

The genesis of GLO Bubbly stemmed from Jones’ profound love for bubbly beverages. During the tumultuous days of the COVID-19 pandemic, while engaging in Zoom conversations – what Jones fondly calls “Champagne & Conversations,” an idea sparked to create her own private-labeled bubbly. However, the complexities of collaboration, production costs, and the pandemic-induced hurdles led to a pause in the project.

Fast forward to 2022, an encounter with the esteemed Vineyard One Hope during the Diamond In Sports event in NYC reignited the GLO Bubbly dream. Impressed by their commitment, quality, and philanthropic endeavors, Jones found the perfect partnership to birth GLO Bubbly, which saw its grand launch in October 2023.

The Glitzy Debut and Partnerships

The unveiling of GLO Bubbly at DC’s Equinox Restaurant was a gastronomic affair of opulence, aligning perfectly with Jones’ vision of a 5-star experience. Collaborating with acclaimed Chef Todd Gray and his exceptional team at Equinox was a fusion of tastes that tantalized all five senses.

Jones candidly shared the challenges encountered while sourcing bubbly from France, primarily due to prohibitive production costs and logistical complexities during uncertain financial times.

The serendipitous encounter with the Vineyard during the Wells Fargo event in October 2022 ignited a partnership built on shared values and visions. Networking moments during the Diamond In Sports event further expanded horizons, fostering connections with notable personalities like Charrisse Jordan, Jamie Foster Brown, and Michelle Reed, paving the way for potential collaborations and ventures.

A Vision Beyond Bubbly

Jones emphasized GLO Bubbly’s mission to exude elegance and sophistication, aiming to create an unforgettable experience with each bottle. The brand’s commitment to philanthropy reflects in their pledge to donate a portion of proceeds to selected nonprofits.

Looking ahead, Jones envisions GLO Bubbly as an integral part of life’s special moments, a symbol of the “Champagne Life,” resonating sophistication and elegance. Plans to expand globally, nurture the Napa Vineyard relationship, and support charitable causes in Kenya underscore GLO Bubbly’s commitment to making every day a celebration.

A Promising Future

As GLO Bubbly steps into 2024, Jones envisions hosting events at wineries and expanding their global footprint. Embracing a philosophy of creating unique experiences one event at a time, Jones aims to establish GLO Bubbly in unexpected spaces while keeping marketing efforts organic and genuine.

Velencia Jones embodies the spirit of innovation, sophistication, and heartfelt dedication at the helm of GLO Bubbly, promising a sparkling future for this luxurious brand. Keep up with her journey on social media @champagnenvee

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