Mr. Harry Belafonte, 96, Dies; Singer, Actor and Activist

Mr. Harry Belafonte, 96, Dies; Singer, Actor and Activist

Harry Belafonte was a pioneering artist, actor, and activist who broke barriers in the entertainment industry and beyond. His influence was vast, and his work had a lasting impact on American culture and the world at large.

Born in Harlem, New York, Belafonte grew up in poverty and initially pursued a career in theatre before turning to music. He gained fame in the 1950s with songs such as “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” ” Island In The Sun” and “Jamaica Farewell.” He was the first African American performer to win an Emmy Award and the first to sell over a million records.

Belafonte’s career was marked by his commitment to social justice and civil rights activism. He used his fame as a platform to speak out against racism, inequality, and injustice. He worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and helped fund the civil rights movement.

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Belafonte’s legacy is defined by his tireless advocacy for human rights and social justice. He was a trailblazer in every sense of the word, using his platform to fight for marginalized communities and to bring attention to the inequities and injustices they faced.

In his 96 years, Harry Belafonte made an indelible impact on American culture and the world. He will be remembered for his artistry, his activism, and his unwavering commitment to social change.

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