Prominent Atlanta Production Company Tyler Street Films Excited for Indie Night Film Festival 

Atlanta-based production company Tyler Street Films, LLC is excited to welcome Indie Night Film Festival to Atlanta, which marks the start of the festival’s national tour. The festival is covering several cities across the US, with Atlanta being its first and highly anticipated stop. Tyler Street Films, a prominent platform in Atlanta, has had first-hand experience with the festival and is thrilled to welcome it to the scene.

The production company, founded by three Hampton University alumni – Tiffany Elle Burgess, Lawrence “Law” Watford, and Jack L. Manning III – initially began by showing various films at the TCL Chinese Theater from 2019 to 2021. They have already showcased films like “FLIPPED,” “Skin Like Mine,” and “Catharsis,” all of which tackle themes of social justice. “Skin Like Mine” stood out as an animated short film that was well-received by audiences.

The three partners of Tyler Street Films have an impressive background in the entertainment industry. Jack L. Manning III, who is the Director of Photography and a producer, has had his creative work published in notable media sources such as Essence, Ebony, and VIBE. Lawrence “Law” Watford, an established director and producer, obtained a Master of Arts in Communications and has worked on numerous projects, including the popular show “Law and Order: SVU.” Tiffany Elle Burgess, a screenwriter, actress, and producer, has also authored a children’s book called “The Adventures of Junior and Baby Brother: Spencer’s Special Gift.”

Indie Night Film Festival- Atlanta

As friends who bonded over a creative connection, Tyler Street Films LLC aims to encourage aspiring creatives to attend Indie Night Film Festival. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook @tylerstreetfilms. The success of their previous showcases, combined with their connection to the festival, makes Tyler Street Films LLC a valuable addition to the Atlanta indie film community.

Curtis Lawrence