Beard Game

Beard Game
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Phases of growing a great beard

STUBBLE PHASE – Frist week STOP SHAVING! For some of you it will take willpower not to shave. You will also see 2 types and different colors in the hair in this phase: the darker will be courser that is mainly in the beard, and the lighter hair called vellus hair (mostly if you’re younger). Vellus hairs as it grows will eventually be replaced by the darker hair. Stop shaving completely for about 2 weeks.

PATCHY PHASE – Expect the Ugliness phase.  Meaning it may grow in patchy, uneven and you may not have a defined growth pattern that will compliment your jawline.  You will have some healthy spots, dry and barren in others.  Using a good beard oil will help keep the itchiness at bay (natural oil are best).  But during this phase brush your teeth, comb your hair and dress like a Boss until this phase has passed. Be patient. (2-4weeks)

LOW AND SHORT PHASE – This phase your beard will become noticeably thicker. If at all possible “Do not touch” your beard.  Try to reframe from trying to shape or trim it.  This will help you see your beards full potential of its fullness and will give you a better understanding of your hair type and growth pattern. If you must trim just trim the perimeter only. (Trim not cut). (4-6 weeks)

GROWTH AND GROMMIG PHASE – In this phase your style and cleaning your beard regularly is very important. Know your face shape.  Know which beard style or shape will flatter your face.  If you don’t know your face shape, ask your professional barber.  Make sure you have a great skin hygiene routine which include shampooing, conditioning and a great beard oil. Make sure you use products that are conditioning to the skin and to the facial hair. Cleansing your pores and restoring the moisture to your skin underneath your beard is one of the best thigs you can do for your beard.  Beard shampoo will keep your beard and skin clean while your beard oil will keep the facial hair soft to the touch, hydrated and smelling great. (6-8 weeks)

FULL BEARD PHASE – In this phase your bread should be in full and extraordinary.  The women flocking, grown men are admiring giving you high fives and or asking you what do you use on your bead.

Brush your beard at least 3 times a day.  You do not have to walk around with a brush in your hand.  But just make sure you groom your beard to train it the way you want it to look.  The best brush is a 100% boar bristle brush.  Brushing your beard will give your beard a fuller and thicker look.  It also lifts your hair away from the skin to help give the appearance of a heftier beard.  Boar hair has a combination of stiff and flexible hair which allows the boar bristle to detangle and train your hair to stay in place.  It also removes impurities without being overly aggressive.

Invest in Quality combs.  A wooden beard comb will help spread your oil or balm evenly and smoothly across your face and beard.  The wrong comb can cause your beard to become entangled and can cause rough patches and split ends.

 Now that it’s spring time, colors play an important of enhancing your bread. 

If you have a dark beard light colors (canary yellow, scarlet and sky blue etc.) will enhance your beard. If you have a blonde, dark gray or light gray some dark or deep color (hot pink, pink, light blue and salted caramel) will enhance your beard.

If you have that awesome snow-white beard whatever color you choose looks phenomenal.

Jozette Cooper