J Young MDK is out to melt hearts and be on repeat in your home with his latest single “Grandma’s House”. The track is a deviation from what he usually produces, but felt it was time for the whole family to enjoy.

This catchy tune is coming along just in time for those special moments given the holiday season. The track is coming to you fresh off his much harder freestyle that echoed flavors of yesterday’s rap, “Misconceptions”, released in October.

“Grandma’s House” touches on the feeling one gets whenever their grandma is around. The unconditional love and endearing scenes cannot be replaced by anyone else. Their warmth gives us a soft spot that always resides in the depths of your heart.

He advises that the grandmother can also be a maternal figure that has had a watchful eye over you your entire life. Whether they aren’t blood related or have passed on is not something that matters to Young. It is the love that stays with you at the end of the day.

The song was made even more special when J Young MDK ran a promotion that involved the fans on October 31st. Up until November 11th, he collected photos and videos his followers submitted of their cherished memories with their grandmothers.

As a native to Atlanta, the southern boy in MDK is thrilled to show his audience a new side of him. However, he has not let go of the golden goose image he has created for himself over the years. In 2020, he released three albums, making history with two being released on the same day.

Earlier in the year, he spent time with Grammy-nominated rapper, Latto on her tour and performed live every night. He even created “Mowing Down Vamps (BUD)” for the top Netflix movie of the summer, “Day Shift”. The track also included his mentor and star of the movie, Jamie Foxx.

At the end of the year, J Young MDK, is eagerly looking forward to dropping an album that will reflect where he is in life. From his tantalizing “Slow Motion” to his gritty “Misconceptions”, he is looking forward to debuting his most evolved album yet! Follow J Young MDK at @jyoungmdk on social media to stay in the know on the versatile artist!

Lesley Logan