Curtonia : The Rising Star Empowering Others – An Insight Magazine’s Digital Model Spotlight Exclusive Interview

Curtonia Lawrence, a business major at Winston-Salem State University, is not your typical college student. She’s a young woman with a fervor for fashion and ambitious entrepreneurial aspirations. In an exclusive interview with Insight Magazine, Curtonia bared her soul, sharing her life experiences, goals, and insights. Join us in unraveling the journey of this digital spotlight model.

The Runway Calling: Curtonia’s Inspirational Journey at Winston-Salem Fashion Week

Curtonia’s journey into the world of fashion wasn’t a mere whim; it was an inspired decision. “I’ve always loved fashion and dressing up, so I thought it would be a fun experience,” Curtonia revealed. Her excitement was palpable, but so were her nerves as she took her first steps on the runway, especially during Winston-Salem Fashion Week.

Academic Pursuits and Ambitious Dreams

While working towards her business administration degree with a minor in marketing, Curtonia has expanded her horizons in remarkable ways. She joined a dance team and a modeling troupe, and now, she specializes in lash services. Her vision stretches far beyond the classroom, encompassing the establishment of her own full-time shop and teaching dance part-time in a studio.

Beyond Work: Finding Joy and Relaxation

In her moments of respite, Curtonia unwinds with favorite activities like getting her nails done, hitting the gym, or simply hanging out with friends. It’s a testament to her dynamic personality that she seeks enjoyment even amidst her bustling life.

Honing the Craft: Dedication to Perfection

Beyond her modeling and academic commitments, Curtonia’s dedication knows no bounds. She relentlessly practices her craft, often experimenting on friends and family, striving for excellence.

Culinary and Musical Passions

A lover of Hibachi cuisine, Curtonia revels in the interactive experience of watching a skilled chef prepare a meal. Her taste in music is just as diverse, favoring R&B and gospel tunes to set the mood.

The Dancer Within

At her core, Curtonia is a dancer, cherishing styles like Tap and contemporary. Her love for dance adds another layer of depth to her already multi-faceted persona.

Words of Wisdom: Inspiring Aspiring Models

For high school students and those yearning to break into the fashion world, Curtonia imparts valuable advice: “Never stop, always keep going no matter what!” Her words resonate as a beacon of hope for those stepping into the industry.

Business as a Force for Empowerment

Curtonia’s vision for her business degree is compelling – to employ it as a tool for bolstering women’s confidence and helping them feel truly beautiful. Her journey transcends personal success, aiming to uplift others along the way.

Connecting with Curtonia

For those looking to connect with this rising star, you can find Curtonia on Instagram: @Curtoniaa for her main profile and @Lashloungebyct for her business endeavors.

Breaking New Ground: Being Insight Magazine’s Digital Spotlight Model

In an emotional reflection, Curtonia shares her gratitude and excitement about being chosen as the first digital spotlight model for Insight Magazine. It’s a well-deserved recognition of her talent and dedication.

Stepping with Confidence: Insights on the Catwalk

Curtonia, a veteran of the runway, opens up about the challenges of maintaining confidence in this demanding industry, offering insights for those who follow in her footsteps.

Conquering Stage Nerves

Experience has been Curtonia’s ally in conquering stage nerves. She focuses on her performance, imagining herself alone in her room, a tactic that has served her well during her journey.

Guidance for Aspiring Models

To those aspiring to break into the fashion industry, Curtonia’s message is clear – believe in yourself and stay true to your unique identity. Her words serve as a guiding light for newcomers in this fiercely competitive world.

A Final Message to Our Readers

In conclusion, Curtonia’s message to Insight Magazine’s readers is powerful and uplifting: “Always be yourself and believe in yourself and know that God’s plan is always bigger and better than what you have in mind.”

Curtonia Lawrence’s journey as the first digital spotlight model is a testament to following one’s passions, maintaining unwavering confidence in the face of adversity, and using success as a means to empower others. She is unquestionably a young talent to keep an eye on in the realms of fashion and entrepreneurship.

Photo Credit: Insight Photography

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