Halle Bailey shows off ‘Little Mermaid’ doll: ‘The little girl in me is pinching herself right now’

Halle Bailey shows off ‘Little Mermaid’ doll: ‘The little girl in me is pinching herself right now’

Disney’s live-action adaptation of Ariel and friends hits theaters this May.

On March 6th, singer, songwriter, and actress Halle Bailey took to Instagram to show the world the doll that will revolutionize the world as it is. Disney created a “Little Mermaid” figurine, complete with Halle’s burgundy locs and tail at the end. This May, Bailey will be starring in the live action remake of Disney’s classic tale, “The Little Mermaid”. She is slated to star among Melissa McCarthy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, and Jacob Tremblay in the captivating story. There has been a wave of controversy after her role was announced but Disney has been supportive the whole. This doll is indicative of their everlasting support for their very own Princess Ariel.

The very intricate “Little Mermaid” doll had Halle’s signature mole above her perfectly manicured eyebrows just like her muse. Bailey teared up at seeing the likeness saying this was emotional for the little girl inside her. She described the brand new toy as something that is surreal to see in real life. In a comment made in jest, she said that the toy was coming home with her no matter what its use is. It was with graciousness that she provided this tender moment to her fans; an expression of vulnerability.

“I am literally choking up because this means so much to me.” – Halle Bailey

Her followers flooded her comments stating they congratulate her continued success and that they too cannot wait to show their support with purchases of their own. In her mentions were even notable celebs such as the Barbie brand, Tabitha Brown, Ryan Destiny, Saweetie, Jojo, and of course Disney Studios itself! Dressed in a barbie pink glamorous outfit with flawless makeup was the newest to join the Disney Universe Halle Bailey. The ends of her hot pink blazer were adorned with slim pink feathers that complimented the elaborate tail of the figurine.

Halle’s black girl magic was on clear display with the doll and will be on display again when the movie premieres in May.

Kamaya Tarpley