INSIGHT Magazine’s CREED III Exclusive Movie Review 

INSIGHT Magazine’s CREED III Exclusive Movie Review 

The recent release of Creed lll is a third installment in the reimagining of the Rocky tale that follows the story of Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed from Rocky 2. Michael B Jordan returns to the franchise as Adonis Creed, the current world heavyweight boxing champion. Creed lll is a powerful film that highlights the struggle Adonis faces while trying to balance his personal life and his career.

The film opens with Adonis Creed facing off against a heavily favored opponent in the world championship fight. This fight is the most important one of his career and he is determined to win. Unfortunately, he is unable to overcome his opponent, losing the match. This failure shakes his confidence and causes him to reevaluate his career and life decisions.

At the same time, Adonis is struggling to find balance in his personal life. He has just married a beautiful woman, Bianca, and is expecting a child. He is trying to be a successful father and husband, but his focus on boxing has put a strain on their marriage. As the film progresses, Adonis is forced to make a difficult decision between his love for boxing and his love for his family.

Michael B Jordan gives a powerful performance that perfectly captures the struggle of Adonis. He showcases a wide range of emotions and allows the audience to feel deeply connected to the character. The film is also beautifully shot, capturing the intensity of the boxing scenes and the tenderness of Adonis’ home life.

Overall, Creed lll is an excellent installment in the reimagining of the Rocky tale. Michael B Jordan gives an outstanding performance as Adonis and the film successfully captures the complexity of his struggle between boxing and family. It is an emotional and powerful film that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Curtis Lawrence