The Perfect Outfit

The Perfect Outfit

Have you ever searched for the perfect pair of pants? Not too tight and not too loose…I’m talking about just the right fit? In 2002, New York native Stacey Bendet founded the Alice + Olivia brand as she was on a mission to create the perfect pair of pants! Bendet’s brand helps women express themselves through feminine styles that juxtaposes the whimsical and flirty with the sexy and sophisticated. This designer loves to create unique styles from her love for vintage! The Alice + Olivia brand ranges from dresses to pajamas and robes.

Hollywood loves the Alice + Olivia brand! Michelle Obama, Gigi Hadid, Beyonce, and Jessica Alba are some of the celebrities that love to wear the Alice + Olivia high end luxury brand!

Here are just a few blazing 🔥 pieces from the Alice + Olivia brand:

Look no further for the perfect jeans:

Here are the most amazing crystal embellished hem jeans for the perfect outing!

A Classic Look

This gorgeous vegan leather puff sleeve blouse with a collar, long sleeves and button front closure will ensure you’ll never have outfit regret.

Vegan leather puff sleeve blouse with a collar
Levi Front Zip Jumpsuit!

Looking for more of a casual option? Try the Levi Front Zip Jumpsuit! It’s the perfect 70’s vibe!

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