Women’s History Month: Interview with Yvonne Wilson

Ypsilanti, MI native, Yvonne Wilson founder of Dimples and a Paintbrush discusses her passion for art in this exclusive interview.

1. What exactly is Dimples and a Paintbrush? What made you start this journey?

Dimples and a Paintbrush is an art services company I started in March of 2021. What made me start this was the struggles of work during the pandemic. I, not too long ago before covid had my youngest child and already was not working. I got back into art in 2018 after discovering I was battling with depression. Painting helped me with my healing process and an idea that I am happy I started.

2. How has Dimples and a Paintbrush pushed you out of your comfort zone as an individual?

It has pushed me out of my comfort zone because I never thought I would start a business. My focus in education has been on Psychology. Most of my employment has been in customer service or finances. So this was new to me. Only my closest family and friends knew my art talents. So I realized that I was sharing a talent and passion of mine that I wasn’t sure would attract others who were foreign to this gift of mine.

3. What motivates you to create?

It’s the love of seeing what comes out of me!  Life helps me to create a song, a mood of mine. It varies. Yet it’s always amazing to see what is pour out of me and what lands on a blank canvas.

4. Does creating art help you in other areas of your life?

Yes, my mental and emotional state. Creating helps me stay level headed. I can not create if I am too stressed.

5.  Tell us about your favorite medium?

Acrylics are my specialty.  I have had experiences with oil and watercolor but it’s been a while.

 6. Describe how important art is in our society. Art is so important! Society is art. This world is art. God is the ultimate example of what art is! Art is one language that stands alone all by itself and yet can be spoken in so many ways!

7. Can you show and explain a few of your favorite creations? (attach pictures if you’d like or     

     describe in words)

My favorite painting has to be the canvas entitled: “Self-Love” which was created in 2018. The painting was created at the start of my healing journey. In therapy and all, I was in a time where I was discovering myself all over again. A rebirth. The painting shows a woman, bare, skin blue and hair red. This woman looks over her shoulder in the painting with a subtle smile. She is content in her peace and that was the goal for myself at that time. I wanted to be settled in a peace I had forgotten about in myself. I was discovering a new and improved me. Nurturing myself back to life.

8. What are your future goals for Dimples and a Paintbrush?

My future goals for my company is to continue to improve and enhance my art. Work on more exposure and to continue reaching out to audiences who welcome my creativity. More art shows hopefully and more art connections. The goal for this year is to do another art show which is taking place this May in Detroit and to host another paint party.

 9. Can you please share with us how we can contact you for art inquiries? (Please include  your preferred contact info. or website).

My website www.dapaintbrush.com. I am also found on social media sites IG, and TikTok.

10. Is there anything else that you’d like to share with us? Keep God first, hold on to faith, and never give up on the gifts and talents God has entrusted you with! We’re all different and we all share something that can make the world a better place!

Brittani Brice