Women’s History Month Exclusive Dominican Singer/Songwriter AME

Women’s  History Month Exclusive  Dominican Singer/Songwriter AME

Hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey, Ame is a Dominican born Singer/Songwriter and Actress. Ame has been featured on the drama series New Amsterdam and the American television series Daredevil. Ame grew up listening to Latin music but feel in loved with R&B after being introduced to it by her father. It was her love for both sounds that helped her explore and create her own version of Latin R&B. Ame is excited to continue to explore and create her own version of Latin R&B. When it comes to putting on for the big screen, she is looking forward to inspiring more Afro Latina women to be casted in lead roles and staying true to herself.

When asked what Women’s History means to her, it was of great importance. Ame actually majored in Women and Gender studies if that helps provide clarity. She is a huge fan of the Susan B. Anthony movement. Women’s History is about all thing’s women, including women’s health. It is also Endometriosis Awareness month and Ame was open about suffering from the condition as well. Sharing her story and knowledge is a way she wants to be an inspiration for all women. Her message is “no matter what you go through, you keep going”. I myself chose to receive that message whole heartedly. Ame’s overall message for the month is to do something nice for yourself. Remind yourself that you are superstars, and you deserve it. Ame is proud of you!

Every artist has a creative process and Ame is no exception. Her creative process is more like therapy. Ame represents Gemini gang thus she is a self-proclaimed overthinker. She sits down with her manager and assistant and just discuss topics that are in her head. They pick a beat and the creative flows from there. Life is stages and so is art. The beauty is found in the connectivity of energy. The Rockwood Music Hall is hosting an upcoming “Night of Latin R&B” which promises to be a cool and serene vibe. Ame is excited about the recognition that the genre is starting to gain. She will be in her most authentic version of herself. Attendees will step into her world for 50 minutes of music, storytelling, and artistry. It promises to be a whole vibe.

Ame gives credit to Erykah Badu and India Arie as being two of her favorite artists and when you check out her single Lesson Learned you will hear remnants of them. Her new single “Remember” will drop March 24,2023 and will shed light on her struggles in the music industry. Ame is prepared to stand in the ring with any opponent that chooses to place her in a box. Ame is staying true to herself and choosing to stay encouraged. She is not planning on stopping or slowing down anytime soon and she has the full support and backing of InsightMagazine. Check out her music on Spotify and YouTube. You can follow Ame on all social media platforms by @seasonsbyame.

Photo: @pierrelouisvisuals

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