Living Legend Marcia Griffiths

Living Legend Marcia Griffiths
Photo by David I Muir

In a recent interview, spoke with iconic reggae singer Marcia Griffiths about her breathtaking run of solo release and the many years she spent singing with Bob Marley. Though Griffiths vocal recordings were featured in the 60’s and 70’s, she remains a popular singer still performing classics and will headline Celebrate Brooklyn this month, July 2023! 

Some may wonder how this beautiful woman is a living legend. It’s simple, she’s a great woman of faith! Griffiths tells that she believes her life was preordained. She states, “When I was a younger girl, I used to pray that I could be of service to mankind”. 

There’s no doubt that the awe-inspiring reggae singer’s prayers have been answered and are daily manifesting throughout the world! Griffiths singing career started in 1964 when she performed with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires. After a highly impressive performance, she was offered recording contracts. 

Griffiths later met Jamaica’s most well known musical legend Bob Marley and sang on some of his most popular recordings. Still to this day, Griffiths diligent and extraordinary work remains a constant ‘go to’ on turntables for nearly 60 years! 

The surprised Jamaican iconic singer told, “God could not have chosen a better position for me. I can stay in one place and send my voice to the four corners of the world and touch souls. I had no vision of this — that I would’ve lasted 60 years down the road.” I wholeheartedly appreciate this singer’s statements because it shows how she is humble and she recognizes and acknowledges God in her success. The truth of the matter is, none of us are effective or successful without the help of our Creator! So, what better way to express her gratitude than to realize that she is an impactful, influential leader spreading goodness across the world! Now 73, Griffiths is a living legend to look up to and glean from when it comes to being kind to others and making a positive significant difference in this world! 

Brittani Brice