Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Billie Lennox, Shares His Journey from Hip Hop to Soulful Artistry 

For the latest installment of “Insight Talk” by Insight Magazine, the publication had the pleasure of speaking with musician Billie Lennox. Lennox is a Grammy award-winning producer of hits by Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Biggie Smalls, Lil Kim, and Anthony Hamilton to name a few. As a personal touch, he enjoys connecting to varying cultures and has embraced veganism. The artist has a bohemian-style that matches his equally relaxed persona. He spoke of his journey from a life in exclusively hip-hop to his journey as the soulful artist he has become.

He was inspired to transition into being an artist from a producer when he saw that it was difficult to find a new artist who left an impression on him. Lennox sees a need for artist development for the trendy artists of today so that they can achieve the longevity of someone like D’Angelo or Missy Elliot. He went over how the visuals for a project key into understanding people and the inspiration they can bring. Lennox talks of how rock and hip-hop influences the music he creates, especially his first love hip-hop. He states that the two are synonymous, even leading him to sample classic rock records when he produced some of the greatest hits.

He would advise all newcomers to stay persistent and never lose your passion for creating music. He states to remember that there was a time where you didn’t get paid for your work so your love for your career has to be sustainable to you. Lennox advises that Hollywood can be a difficult town so it’s fundamental to remember who you are at the end of the day. At that same token, being transparent and free are the luxuries that we have today and those are concepts he strives to reflect in his work. Lennox hopes his fans and followers will delight in his latest single that includes multiple remixes. Keep up with him on social media @fanaticakabillielennox for the latest news. 

Kamaya Tarpley