Health and Wellness Ideas

Health and Wellness Ideas

Have you ever taken time daily to just STOP and MEDITATE? If not, you should! Meditating is when you set time aside to think deeply or carefully on things. Now, if you’re a constant thinker like me, then you may want to designate the topic or idea that you want to meditate on for that particular day. When you finally get home from your day’s work and errands, it’s easy to start thinking about EVERYTHING! But how about we be more strategic in our meditating!

  • Meditating is healthy and empowering! During this meditation time, write down your thoughts, goals and plans of actions. You’ll find that meditation can help you become more organized in your mind and your actions!

2. Grab your favorite snack and listen to an audiobook!        

Now, I know that when you read this, you probably said who has time to listen to an audiobook? The truth is, in your mind, you probably don’t have time but it’s worth a try! Set your alarm for at least 15-30 minutes to listen to an audiobook of your choice. Listening to audiobooks helps keep our mind engaged and processing language all while focusing on comprehending the text. Listening to an audiobook can also be enjoyable because you get to sit back, relax and have a narrator describe the scene to you. 

3. Find and cook a new and interesting recipe!             

It’s always great to try new recipes! Step out the box and find something healthy and nourishing! 

Brittani Brice