Meet Melanie Robins, founder of The Glam Stash

Meet Melanie Robins, founder of The Glam Stash

(Melanie wearing boots from her collection)

Melanie Robins, the brains behind the exclusively trending shoe boutique known as, The Glam Stash, took a moment to disclose what makes her brand so successful.

What inspired the concept behind shoe emporium, The Glam Stash?

The Glam Stash was inspired by my shoe obsession, coupled with my love for having a luxe look but with a moderate price tag

The footwear on the site remains on trend no matter what the season. Have you always been into fashion?

Fashion has been a passion of mine since I was in high school ! I was the girl that was always dressed and never afraid to wear anything that I felt was my style! When I discovered Teen Vogue magazines I became enthralled in high end fashion. This led me to getting my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising at Philadelphia University and becoming a professional Apparel Buyer for the last 12 years.

The Glam Stash

You are young to be such an influential business owner! Who were your main influences growing up?

My father and grandfather. When I was a kid I saw them both work hard and go after their dreams . My father worked for many large companies until he finally started his own health insurance business he still runs today. My Papa had his own bus company, and he was always so passionate about his business! They both never gave up and were never afraid to fail, I always admired that. Kelis, the singer, being my number one fashion inspiration growing up and still to this day.

Where do you see yourself taking The Glam Stash as time goes on?

I see the Glam Stash expanding and offering kids shoes! I want to offer the Mommy & Me trendy looks and create a one stop shop for the trendy Glam Momma’s out there birthing the next generation of shoe enthusiasts.

Are there any pieces of inventory that you personally found adoration for?

The first style ever sold, the Chihuahua boot. It was a heeled combat boot that came in Black and Snakeskin. The girls ate it up when I first launched ! Most recently, the ZaRiah boot, which was so on trend the last 2 years! It is a black faux leather boot with a colored lug sole heel bottom, love love loved all 4 colors I offered The Glam Stash’s summer collection is set to drop in April 2023! Keep up with @theglamstash and

The Glam Stash

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