Meet the Breaking Barriers Business Strategist, Latoya Cooper

Meet the Breaking Barriers Business Strategist, Latoya Cooper

We had amazing conversation with one of the most phenomenal business strategist, Ms. Latoya Cooper, as we close out Women’s History Month. Thank you for speaking with us today.

What piqued your interest to become a business strategist?

My interest in becoming a business strategist was piqued by a combination of life experiences that fueled my passion and expertise! My brain naturally operates in a highly strategic manner, which I attribute to my artistic background and innate visionary abilities! I can see full pictures, full shows and events in my head! Additionally, growing up with a learning disability taught me how to excel in any environment, despite the lack of support. As an adult, I became known for my ability to guide others from point A to Z, and executives sought my help with innovative problem-solving. Seeing people succeed brings me immense joy! My career as an a-list business strategist felt like an inevitable path!

What areas of business strategies do you focus on? Why those areas? 

My primary focus is to assist courageous women who are new to entrepreneurship in creating and implementing a buyer persona that streamlines their marketing efforts and boosts sales. If needed, I provide instruction on fundamental aspects of business such as structure, flow, and operations. Moreover, I possess the capability of constructing a genuine online business within a mere 30 days, from inception to implementation. Whenever I notice a deficiency in my clients’ operations, I offer constructive feedback or point them in the direction of resources that could be of benefit. My decision to specialize in buyer personas stems from the belief that it’s a crucial factor in establishing a successful business, but one that is typically overlooked in the entrepreneurial industry. 

What are the top three important skills that you use as a strategist?

  In my opinion, the three most critical skills necessary to excel as a business strategist are a curious mindset, visionary thinking, and a willingness to take risks.

How has being a strategist caused you to think outside the box or expanded your thinking?

  As a strategist, I’ve been pushed to think beyond conventional boundaries and broaden my perspectives by collaborating with a diverse range of clients on a daily basis! Their unique stories and experiences have inspired me to rise to new challenges! Despite my experience, I’ve come to realize that I must continuously research and acquire additional skills and insights to stay ahead in the dynamic field of entrepreneurship – it’s a constant learning game.

 Can you tell us about a success story of a strategy that you implemented? How do you measure the success of a strategy?

To me, successful implementation means witnessing the excitement and clarity in my clients as they pursue their own mission! It means equipping them with the necessary tools to market their product or service with ease and achieve the desired outcomes. Our core business value, inspired by the words of Maya Angelou, is centered around the idea of sharing knowledge and giving back. Thus, it brings me great joy to observe my clients confidently sharing their newfound knowledge with others, establishing themselves as leaders in their respective industries and becoming teachers in the process of building their businesses! Seeing this progression confirms that I am on the right path in life, and it’s truly a beautiful thing to witness! Ultimately, successful implementation entails teaching skills and knowledge that will benefit generations to come!

From your experience as a strategist, why is it important to collaborate with your teams? 

Collaborating with others is crucial because no individual possesses all the answers! Different viewpoints, insights, and life experiences can shape varied perspectives, making it essential to embrace diversity in thinking. Being open to all possibilities is critical because, as humans, our capacity to think is limited. Requesting assistance and feedback is fundamental to achieving success, and it requires putting aside one’s ego!

What are your future goals as a business strategist?

  My ultimate ambition as a business strategist is to become the world’s most sought-after and top-rated professional in my field, without question! I aspire to be the go-to expert for individuals with a vision and a desire to turn it into a successful reality! 

What does a typical day as a business strategist look like for you?

  As a business strategist, my day revolves around time blocking, which is crucial to my productivity. I allocate specific tasks to specific days of the week and prioritize primary appointments on Mondays and Fridays. Setting boundaries and maintaining consistency in my work schedule allows me to remain focused and achieve better results. However, I also understand the importance of taking breaks frequently as it enhances creativity and provides clarity of thought. It’s not about being busy or hustling, but about working smart and automating tasks whenever possible. Building a support system and seeking assistance is also crucial.

My weekly routine is quite structured. On Mondays, I have consultations and appointments, and I prepare for the week ahead. Tuesdays are dedicated to social media and marketing, where I create and share new content. On Wednesdays, I conduct live training and attend to any weekly requirements. Thursdays are typical business days, while Fridays are for follow-up consultations and appointments before enjoying the weekend. Taking time off and disconnecting from work is vital for achieving success in the long run. I reserve my weekends for rest and family.

How do you stay current on market trends?

I keep myself informed about the current market by remaining receptive to learning from individuals who are younger than me. In my view, it’s crucial for older experienced people to have younger individuals around them because of their innovative nature and willingness to take risks and explore. Young people have much to teach us, and it’s not always a one-way street where older individuals mentor younger ones. In fact, I’m someone who’s open to being mentored by younger people, and I believe it’s a valuable opportunity to learn.

Whenever I work with younger colleagues, I let them take the lead and come up with their creative ideas. I’m eager to implement their suggestions because often their ideas are superior to mine. To stay current with the latest trends, I stay connected through social media and observe people’s dressing styles, speech patterns, movement choices, mental outlook, and purchasing behavior.

 What motivates you to be the best strategist? 

My passion for helping others succeed is what drives me to be an exceptional strategist! Witnessing individuals take action and gain clarity and confidence in their personal vision and mission after collaborating with me brings me immense joy! It’s an incredible feeling to empower people and see them confidently pursue their goals! Ultimately, there’s no greater satisfaction for me than knowing that I’ve played a part in helping individuals become powerfully engaged, happily motivated, and confidently moving forward in their lives!

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