Princess Nokia Talks Her Stage Name, Her Biggest Inspirations, Her New EP And More On “The Daily Show” With Guest Host John Leguizamo

Princess Nokia Talks Her Stage Name, Her Biggest Inspirations, Her New EP And More On “The Daily Show” With Guest Host John Leguizamo

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” is known for its hard-hitting, climatic, and sometimes comedic interviews and last night’s episode did not disappoint. “Ice Age” and “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar” actor John Leguizamo sat behind the desk and interviewed “I Like Him” singer Princess Nokia. The viral sensation had a heart to heart with Leguizamo regarding childhood and the vulnerability she is excited to put into her art. She discussed her new EP “i love you but this is goodbye” as well as the trials and tribulations she has experienced with racism in the industry. Though displaying a laid back demeanor, John remained empathetic and gave Princess Nokia the opportunity to share her truth.

The audience was seen enthusiastically cheering for the fan favorites from the beginning. As Leguizamo listed her accolades including actor, producer, and singer, Princess Nokia through humor into the talk by adding “b*llsh*tter” to the list. John asks her what fuels her drive to take on so many responsibilities and with love in her eyes, she highlights the importance creativity plays for her. It keeps her from succumbing to a life of boredom and allows her to express herself thoroughly. Adding to her relatability, she talks about the famed “soup incident” where she defended minority teens from a racist older man by tossing her cup of butternut squash soup in his direction.

She also notes that she chose the stage name “Princess Nokia” because she likes the idea of having something old yet new and felt as if she related to Disney princesses who had also suffered the passing of their mothers. Leguizamo mentioned how they both relate in being former “street kids” and that it is impressive that she has been able to apply her Latin heritage to her career. Princess Nokia explained that growing up Afro-Indigenous often made her feel like an outsider but she is grateful to have had the connection to her culture. John gave the ultimate compliment as he said he saw himself in her as his art was meant to inspire young Latino children.

Princess Nokia cites Leguizamo and Martin Lawrence as molding her personality into what it is today. She detailed that “i love you but this is goodbye” features the dress she was supposed to get married in, signifying the vulnerability each track will hold. Usually tight-lipped about her personal life, she is thrilled to talk about the person who “allowed her to feel love”. The turbulence of the relationship didn’t serve her in the end but she is grateful they are on great terms. Towards the end of the interview, she explained how she still sees herself as Destiny from Harlem and that is who she is excited to put on display. “i love you but this is goodbye” can be streamed on all digital platforms.

Kamaya Tarpley