Georgia Latino International Film Festival

Georgia Latino International Film Festival

The Georgia Latino Film Alliance and Festival (GALFA) has recently appointed Carla Berkowitz as the new Board Chair. Berkowitz, a highly accomplished Latina Executive Producer with over 30 years of experience in the film industry, is poised to build upon GALFA’s mission of supporting and nurturing Latinx filmmakers, students, executives, and content creators in Georgia.

GALFA’s CEO, Dr. Jose Marquez, emphasizes the organization’s ongoing goal of empowering Latino storytellers and combating intolerance and prejudice through the strength of storytelling. Berkowitz’s appointment as Board Chair aligns perfectly with this mission, as she has long been an advocate for greenlighting Latino stories in Hollywood and championing systematic change within the industry.

Berkowitz’s appointment is also significant in terms of creating stronger connections between the local Latino creative community and the broader entertainment industry in Georgia, Hollywood, and beyond. Her extensive experience and dedication make her the ideal leader to open doors for GALFA and its members.

Born in Venezuela and raised in Florida, Berkowitz has collaborated with renowned directors such as John Leguizamo and Jon Erich Garcia. Her passion lies in transforming the narrative and shining a spotlight on the next generation of Latino filmmakers. Through her efforts, she aims to empower and uplift these talented individuals, creating a rich tapestry of diverse voices and perspectives in the industry.

Under Berkowitz’s leadership, GALFA will continue its commitment to supporting and amplifying Latinx talent in Georgia. The organization strives to foster an environment that nurtures creative growth, strengthens industry connections, and enhances opportunities for Latino filmmakers, students, executives, and content creators.

Save the date for the upcoming Georgia Latino International Film Festival, taking place from September 21st to September 24th, 2023. The festival, produced by GALFA, is generously sponsored by various organizations and showcases Latino talent in Georgia and across the country. By celebrating the contributions of the Latino community to the film industry, the festival aims to educate and empower the next generation of Latino storytellers.

The Georgia Latino Film Alliance’s mission is to build awareness of independent films and film as an art form, provide educational opportunities for students and Latino filmmakers in Georgia, and create opportunities for communities to experience high-quality Latino films. With Carla Berkowitz taking the helm as Board Chair, GALFA is poised to continue making a meaningful impact on the representation and recognition of Latinx voices in the film industry.

Brittani Brice